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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

Moaning Myrtle is now ready for her debut appearance on Pimp My KitchenAid.  What do you think?

I wipe Myrtle down with a damp cloth right away after every batch of buttercream, so I don't anticipate any problems with the polka dots on Myrtle herself.  However, I'm not quite as optimistic about the dots on the hopper for the slicer-shredder attachment.  I think that's going to need more cleaning than a damp wipe, so probably the polka dots won't last as long.  But it's cute as all hell now! 

I used a couple of different punches to get the polka dots.  1" EK circle, and a mini 2-in-1 punch from Recollections for the smaller dots.  I'm generally pleased with how the punches worked on the contact paper, but the large punch didn't cut cleanly all the time, and I had to discard quite a few that were damaged. 

No baking this weekend.  I've been decorating Myrtle, and don't have it in me to do any cupcakes.  Lemon cupcakes will have to wait.  I think we'll live.  :-)

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