On a whim, I took a cupcake decorating class, and was hooked!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What could be better than Chocolate Buttercream?

Chocolate buttercream with Cadbury Mini Eggs on top.  (Cue Vector's "Oh, yeah!" from Despicable Me.)

I made the flower cupcakes last night, using vanilla buttercream colored blue for flower petals.  Tonight, I wanted to make chocolate swirls, with Mini Eggs on top as cute bird nests!  Well within my skillset, back to the chocolate buttercream that I love so much, and I could be secure in knowing that the 1M was just the tip for the job.  Ready, set, GO!

How cute is that?  I thought it was adorable, and so did the folks at VOICEcorps when I delivered them.  Amy even liked the flower cupcakes!  They'll be put out for the celebrity readers tomorrow morning, and any leftovers will be taken care of by staff and volunteers.  I fully expect to have empty pans to pick up when I go to read The Week Saturday morning for Sunday broadcast.

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